The Open Source Sterling Project (OSSP) is a UK organisation dedicated to maintaining the core technical infrastructure required to use dGBP, the GBP-backed stablecoin.

Its mission is to facilitate the safe and regulated use of GBP-backed tokens in the global economy. The OSSP anchors the ledger activity for dGBP in the UK and will serve as the primary organisation public and private sector stakeholders interact with. It is the ultimate aim for users all over the world to transact in dGBP and redeem their stablecoin for GBP.

OSSP maintains the integrity of dGBP with the core ledger that validates balances, mints and issues dGBP into the digital asset economy and redeems dGBP for fiat to end users. This work will be enshrined in open source code, available for public and private stakeholders to review.

Any institution can use dGBP connecting with OSSP’s technology. This includes fiat settlement bank partners, institutional and capital markets participants and the crypto-economy at large. Founding member Haycen Ltd operates and oversees the work of OSSP.

Institutional members can join the organisation as early adopters of dGBP and contributors to the project.