OSSP: Building a tokenized British Pound for global commerce

The Open Source Sterling Project is a technology project that builds and maintains the core ledger of dGBP, the Sterling backed stablecoin, so users all over the world can transact in dGBP and redeem their stablecoin for GBP.

dGBP: Building a regulated, tokenized GBP network & economy

OSSP's mission is to facilitate the safe and regulated use of GBP-backed tokens in the global economy.

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The Value

OSSP's goal is to establish dGBP as a Tier 1 collateralised stablecoin, enabling a vast array of institutional, enterprise and retail use cases. Stablecoins offer users the efficiency of superior payment rails and the innovation of the digital asset economy along with the certainty of fiat currency.


OSSP maintains the integrity of GBP by validating balances, minting and issuing dGBP and redeeming stablecoins for fiat to end users.


Institutional members can join the organisation as early adopters of dGBP and contributors to the project.


The OSSP serves as the central issuance facility for all institutions wishing to distribute dGBP and provides central regulatory oversight to reduce costs and increase efficiencies for all parties.